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Looking to buy or sell a business?

Do you want to find a successor or do you have strategic expansion plans? We are here to assist you. As an independent, pragmatic, proactive party and our help is of course tailored to your specific needs, goals and situation.

When you decide to sell your business, you will be faced with many choices and all of them are important. You are given only one opportunity to do it right. Buying a business, too, is a complicated process. The mergers and acquisitions process (M&A) consists of many steps and can take anywhere from six months to several years.

Valuable business transfer

Mergers and acquisitions can be executed in roughly three ways: by means of a share merger (acquisition of shares), a corporate merger (acquisition of assets/liabilities) or a legal merger (full legal merger of legal entities).

Together, we determine how the acquisition process will be structured and which strategy is most effective. We always aim to realise a valuable business transfer without any losers, which forms the foundation for the further growth of your company, and we continually focus on how to make your acquisition a success.

Our services can be divided into the following subareas:

Risk management

  • Providing insight into organisational risks related to your tangible assets, e.g. buildings, materials, means of transport, etc., and intangible assets, such as liability, trading loss, cyber risks and credit risks.
  • Advising on the prevention and mitigation of business risks in addition to the mitigating measures already taken.
  • Exploring whether transferring the adverse financial consequences of business risks to insurers is interesting

HR Risk & Benefits

  • Providing insight into the risks related to sick employees in line positions: absenteeism, illness and occupational disability
  • Advising on the prevention and mitigation of these risks 
  • Assessing whether the Employee Benefits: are being implemented in a Correct-Compliant-Complete-Competitive manner in accordance with employment contracts, commitments, regulations and Collective Labour Agreements.

After having signed the confidentiality agreement, we will support you in the following three phases:

  1. Preliminary research: Potential opportunities and risks in the sub-areas examined with recommendations for indemnities/guarantees
  2. Due Diligence research: Current situation report with recommendations in the light of your objectives, requested guarantees and indemnities, quantification of risks and recommendations for the 100 implementation plan
  3. 100 implementation plan: how will everything be implemented according to the objectives and how will synergy benefits be realised.

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