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Risk management for trading companies

We would like to show you that borders do not have to be a barrier

Risk management for trade is about so much more than simply taking out goods transport insurance. Above all, your transport needs to be able to continue. It needs to arrive on time and in excellent condition. Wherever in the world that might be.

The growing number of customs regulations, geopolitics and trade wars, compliance and Incoterms do not make things easier for you. And with margins under pressure, you strive to minimise policy costs when seeking security. Managing your risks therefore seems an almost impossible task. Still, at Ecclesia, we make sure that you can move forward with confidence.

Keeping your policy unaffected

Based on our many years of experience in international trade, we can quickly identify and manage the risks in your entire supply chain. Upon request, we can help you with the transport of perishable goods in accordance with local food regulations and with the safe distribution of cargo that is susceptible to theft. We also help you to take preventive measures to keep your policy unaffected.

We are also happy to offer your team support in the areas of compliance, Incoterms and safe chartering. In doing so, we work with you to prevent transactions from stalling, while ensuring that you continue to receive a favourable premium. And, ensuring us of a satisfied client.

“For international transports, we can call in local experts whom we know personally.”

International insurance partner

You can count on us, even if something should go wrong. For example, we can offer solid additional coverages (…) and we have our own recourse service. In the case of international transports, we can even call in highly experienced local loss adjusters who will see to it that the loss is settled as favourably as possible.

In addition, we are here to ensure that you are not unfairly held liable for a damaged or lost cargo. We solve all these issues for you smoothly and quickly. That is the benefit of having an insurance partner who knows your industry like the back of its hand, and who can rely on an international network.

Our own recourse service

No time. No capacity. Trading companies suffer unnecessary loss by not opting for recourse. Our recourse specialists are available for you to recover your damages from the responsible party. You only pay them if they are successful.

“We know the market and know what needs to be done, so things are arranged more quickly and more smoothly”

The benefits of working with Ecclesia

  • Our personal involvement. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we manage your risks together;
  • Your account manager is always available. Without first being routed through a phone menu. In person;
  • Years of experience in the transport sector. We know the industry and speak your language;
  • A quick and smooth claims handling worldwide. Thanks to a network of seasoned, local experts;
  • We think in terms of solutions when it comes to risk coverage and claims handling.

We would be happy to help you. Contact us!