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Ecclesia is a specialist in risk management and facilitates entrepreneurs by providing optimal solutions for every complex risk issue. We have compiled specific information for a number of industries on how we can help you to move forward with confidence.

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“Thanks to our professionals, you are always offered the solution that best suits your company and your industry”

Willeke van de Weerd, Commercial Director Corporate Risk & Public



Risk management for jewellers. Keep a close eye on all facets to keep costs manageable.


The greatest art is to choose. We are here to assist museums and galleries manage risks.


Everything revolves around logistics. We help logistics companies identify the risks and how to mitigate, eliminate or transfer them.


Ensuring certainty at sea, even in rough seas.

Maritime transport

We help you move forward smoothly with customised solutions for your industry.

IT Consultancy Firms

Risk Management for IT firms. We make sure that the cloud does not bring heavy weather.

Public & Semi-Public

Risk management for the (semi) public sector.


Insight as a point of departure. Together with you, we decide which risks we can eliminate, mitigate or transfer. Additionally, we work with you to see how you can prevent damage.

Inland navigation

Together, we will ensure that you stay on course and are able to confidently move forward.

Other industry?

Is your industry not yet included in this list? Not a problem at all, we would be delighted to help you. Use the button below to leave your details and we will contact you.