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Conscious decision making

The world around us is changing rapidly. More rapidly than we often realise. For an organisation to be able to consciously and confidently move forward, it needs a decisive and effective works council now more than ever. But how does a works council make choices about issues it does not deal with on a day-to-day basis?

Every day, we talk to boards, directors, and works councils about the implementation of the terms of employment such as pension, sustainable employability, care and income.

A targeted approach

We assist organisations in setting up policies in the areas of social security and sustainable employability. In addition, we offer insight into pensions and financial insight within the framework of changes of pension schemes, statutory or otherwise, in terms of mergers and acquisitions and within the framework of sustainable employability of employees. The following questions are often discussed:

  • What needs to be decided and what are the alternatives?
  • What are the budgetary frameworks and their qualitative and quantitative consequences? 
  • How do companies in the same industry perceive this matter?

We follow a targeted approach in answering these types of questions. We jointly take the following steps:

  • sharing the necessary knowledge in order to make decisions;
  • providing insight into the possibilities of the specific case;
  • outlining structures and helping to make a first selection of suitable and less suitable possibilities;
  • elaborating the possibilities in different scenarios.

Solid preparation promotes careful and timely coordination between the board, the directors and the works council. Cooperation based on the same knowledge and information is crucial to arrive at the best decisions.

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