Employee Benefits

Implementing good employment practices

Insurable employment conditions are more than empty promises; they are the embodiment of good employment practices. Bringing agreements on work, pension, care and absenteeism into harmony with the goals of the organisation and those of the employees. That is the be-all and end-all.

“What does being a good employer mean to me?”

That is the key question when it comes to insurable employment conditions. From arranging everything for your employees to empowering them to take responsibility themselves. From pension to occupational disability, from an absenteeism policy to health insurance. All this, of course, in close consultation with your works council or staff representative body.

Find out how you can optimally align pension, care and income agreements with your organisational objectives and values. We do not consider the provision of employee benefits as a ‘necessary condition’, but as a tool for good employment practice. As an opportunity to give direction and meaning to your objectives, your mission and your vision.

HR objectives are derived from organisational objectives and should ensure that the right people are attracted and retained. Terms of employment result from HR objectives and are laid down in employment contracts, collective labour agreements, regulations and administration agreements. A periodic check on the correctness of commitments and execution on the one hand, and the organisation’s objectives on the other, helps to limit continuity risks. This provision of services is also an essential part of mergers and acquisitions.

Collective terms of employment individually tailored

We assist employers in the field of all insurable employment conditions. These include collective pension advice, pension insight and pension communication for employees, as well as the provision of the best health insurance and income provisions in the event of illness or occupational disability.

We take care of, advise, manage and communicate about employee benefits. We provide insight into the consequences of changing legislation, help to adjust, anticipate and implement. Allowing your organisation and your people to perform optimally and always be able to make the right choices for the future.