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Risk management for IT companies

We readily make sure that the cloud does not bring heavy weather

Keeping liability risks manageable is both a challenge and a must for IT companies. Business is on the rise and so is your entrepreneurial risk. In addition, the requirements set by clients to ensure the safety of their business processes are not getting any less stringent.

Meanwhile, you do everything in your power to retain the IT professionals you have, as the supply of new IT talent is extremely scarce. Meanwhile you would prefer to just focus on your own job. This is where Ecclesia comes in.


Clever liability management

As an IT service provider, your duty of care is exceptional. After all, your solutions are part of clients’ critical business processes. If a product or service does not work as it should, the implications are usually considerable.

That is why, IT companies first come to us for a sound professional liability insurance and cyber risk insurance. However, good contract management is just as important. For that reason, we pay a lot of attention to this for our clients. Not just at the start of a new project, but during the
entire process.

“The risk that IT companies accept often proves too great. When we see this, we tell them that.”

Preventing claims

This probably sounds familiar: those orders that keep on growing, and for the sake of progress, the paperwork is temporarily skipped. This is where it often goes wrong and when the financial consequences could be significant.

We help you by providing specific support for contract management, but also when it comes to concluding new agreements with clients. We see that IT companies are regularly being confronted with unreasonably high demands. Usually, these demands can be adjusted by offering the right alternatives. We are happy to offer you these alternatives in order to keep the your risks insurable.

Your Employee Benefits, well arranged

In an industry with such a shortage of staff as IT, it is important to ensure that employees start every day with a smile. You want them to stay fit and vital. After all, there are plenty of jobs in IT. Ecclesia EBC helps balance the personal goals of employees with those of your organisation. This is how we ensure that your team not only remains sustainably employable, but also continues to sustainably perform with pleasure.

Read more on our vision on sustainable performance on the HR Risk & Benefits page.

Together we move forward with confidence

Solid risk management starts by asking the right questions. This allows us to gain insight into your company and the risks you may carry. We will ensure that you become aware of business and contractual risks. From that starting point, we can focus on finding the right solution for you. Not by sitting across from one another, but by sitting by your side as a reliable partner. We are reaady to help you make the right choices, so you can move forward with confidence.

The benefits of working with Ecclesia

  • We are not afraid to address complex risks
  • We focus on your risks and company; not on selling policies
  • We always search for the perfect match between risks and policy coverage
  • We provide tailored solutions
  • A 24-hour support line for cyber security issues

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