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Risk management for the logistics sector

These are challenging times for internationally operating logistics companies. Changing international laws and regulations present a challenge to arrange everything in a compliant manner.

Since Brexit, waiting times and additional customs procedures make transport to the UK difficult. Meanwhile, the rise of e-commerce and the growing number of cyber risks make it increasingly important to know who you are doing business with. As a reassurance: at Ecclesia, we can help you manage risks.

Operational and strategic collaboration

Based on our many years of experience in the logistics sector, we can contribute operational and strategic ideas and solutions. This is how we ensure that you can continue to efficiently handle your logistics flows. Our risk managers speak your language and understand your business. Through a thorough risk analysis, they make your risks transparent for you, help you take preventive measures and, where necessary, cover risks for you.

In addition, they can assist you in arranging your own customs transit and support you in accepting responsible contractual liability. And if one day you are unexpectedly hacked, we will immediately secure assistance from cyber security specialists and negotiators.

“Risk management starts by actually listening”

The value of listening

Logistics companies often choose Ecclesia because of its attention to clients. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we manage your risks together. That starts by listening and by gaining mutual trust. After all, if you are prepared to share with us what you are struggling with, we can then optimally participate in your business operations and provide the right preventive measures and tailored policies.

That is also why we attach such importance to transparency on our part. Not only when it involves the coverage of policies. But always. Moreover, you can count on us should something go wrong. In the evenings and during the weekend. Together we can then move forward with confidence.

Our own recourse service

No time. No capacity. Logistics companies suffer unnecessary loss by not opting for recourse. Our recourse specialists are available for you to recover your damages from the responsible party. You only pay them if they are successful.

“If things go wrong, we are personally available to you, even in the evening and during the weekend”

The benefits of working with Ecclesia Sluyter

  • Our personal involvement; we manage your risks, shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Our transparency; we support you best on the basis of mutual trust
  • Your account manager is always available; also in the evenings and during the weekend
  • Many years of experience in the logistics sector; we know the industry and speak your language
  • We think in terms of solutions, both when it comes to risk coverage as well as the arrangement of additional services, such as a security specialist or driver training, for example

We would be happy to help you. Contact us!