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Moving forward together

As of 1 July 2021, Ecclesia is the new name for the organisations Concordia de Keizer, Gebr. Sluyter and EBC Nederland. By joining forces, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible advice; from risk management and employee benefits to claims handling.

Our new labels Ecclesia Sluyter, Ecclesia EBC and Ecclesia Intermediair Bedrijven offer unique solutions for specific industries and needs.

Ecclesia Sluyter

With the city of Rotterdam as its home base, world-famous for its port and logistics activities, Ecclesia Sluyter has been helping entrepreneurs in the maritime, transport and logistics industry to manage their financial risks for over a 100 years.

We have extensive knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate. We have a large network at our disposal and know the ins and outs of all market developments. Ecclesia Sluyter’s specialists understand that each situation is unique and always make sure to provide solutions that help the client move forward with confidence.

Specifically for you as an entrepreneur in the maritime, transport and logistics sector.

A selection of the industries we serve

Ecclesia EBC

Ecclesia EBC facilitates financial services concerning Employee Benefits and Financial Planning to support the goals of both employers and employees. By shaping sustainable employability (sustainable performance), pensions, care, income and capital, we enable our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. We prepare employers and employees for changes, and assist them in the choices that come with it.

Ecclesia EBC brings together the human and the financial side, it determines the goal to achieve and the means to get there. We understand the need for employers to be (or become) the agile organisation that today’s world demands. We understand employees’ natural resistance to change and the difficulty of overseeing the consequences of financial choices, as well as the barriers raised by it. We help bring employees’ personal goals and the goals of the organisation together into harmony. Only then can there be sustainable performance that benefits all parties.

Anything for employable and satisfied employees.

Ecclesia Intermediair Bedrijven

The team of Ecclesia Intermediair Bedrijven readily assists professional intermediaries with customised solutions for large insurance issues, which are complex due to the scope or the specialist knowledge required.

These are the challenges we are passionate about. We contribute to your pursuit for the optimal balance between certainty and costs for your client. As your trusted business partner, by your side. For the solution, we draw on our extensive, long-standing experience, our creativity and our international network. This is how we ensure that you are there for your clients, when it matters most.

Business partner for insurance specialists: tackling complex insurance questions side by side.