Tackling complex insurance questions side by side

Being a professional risk and insurance specialist, you want the best solution for your clients. When it comes to finding the best solution for issues that have to be dealt with at the insurance exchange, you want to be able to brainstorm about them with specialists who really understand what it is all about.

Tailored solutions for complex insurance matters

The team of Ecclesia Intermediair Bedrijven is dedicated to the tailored solutions of large and complex insurance solutions. As a professional intermediary, we readily help you to cover your clients’ risks by means of tailor-made solutions.

It is precisely these kinds of challenges that we are passionate about, because of their scope or the specialist knowledge they require. We contribute to your search for the optimal balance between certainty and costs for your client. As a business partner. Shoulder-to-shoulder. For the solution, we draw on our extensive, long-standing experience, our creativity and our international network. This is how we make sure that you are there for your clients, when it matters most.

Being a true business partner

We consider it very important to treat our colleagues, clients and business partners with care and fairness. We believe in a long-term vision and in doing right by our clients. Our integrity and transparency now make for great purchasing power because of these very characteristics. Because of this, the major insurers are in our favour. We understand how important your client is to you, and we have set up our organisation accordingly. We are big enough to ensure continuity, quality and strong purchasing power, but also ‘small’ enough to be accessible and to know you by name.

“We understand how important your client is to you, and we have set up our organisation accordingly.”

Jolanda Kooiman, accountmanager Intermediair Bedrijven

Our specialists are ready to help you

Whether it involves a substantial fire insurance policy, a complex business and professional liability policy or a special transport insurance policy. We are ready to help you, having a very wide range of possibilities in the full width of the stock exchange procurement market. You may also contact these specialists directly with any specific questions you may have. We have a large and diverse team of stock exchange specialists available to you. In many cases, we will set up a dedicated team for you, to enable you to quickly contact your dedicated sparring partners.

The commercial team of Ecclesia Intermediair Bedrijven is available for you, to help you find tailored solutions.

Jolanda Kooiman
Accountmanager Intermediair Bedrijven
E-mail: jolanda.kooiman@ecclesia.nl
Phone: +31 6 13 32 90 80

Richard Overkamp
Sr. Accountmanager Intermediair Bedrijven
E-mail: richard.overkamp@ecclesia.nl
Phone: +31 6 53 71 69 47

Ellen Nikken
Management Assistent
E-mail: ellen.nikken@ecclesia.nl
Phone: +31 6 53 53 04 72

Workshops and knowledge sessions

We want to grow and be successful together with you. We therefore believe that knowledge must be shared. This is why we make information accessible and why we increasingly digitise our services. Additionally, we keep you up to date on interesting developments in the market and relevant changes in laws and regulations.

From time to time, we also organise knowledge sessions and workshops on current insurance topics. Of course, we can also inform you on any news via our newsletter.

The benefits of Ecclesia as a business partner

  1. We have structured our organisation to fit your client. More than anyone, we understand just how important your client is to you.
  2. Great purchasing power. Our track record, integrity and our high level of knowledge, make insurers appreciate doing business with us.
  3. Access to international sourcing channels. Being part of various international networks and with the help of our affiliated companies in Belgium, Germany and Austria, among others, we can place risks internationally as well.
  4. Support in handling complex claims. Our claim consultants are available for you. We have our own recourse service for uninsured claims and losses that are below the excess.
  5. By your side 24/7. Your personal account manager and our team of specialists are also available at night and during the weekends.