Moving forward with confidence

We help you in making conscious choices, so that you can confidently continue to move forward!

About Ecclesia Sluyter

With the city of Rotterdam as its base, world-famous for its port and logistics activities, Ecclesia Sluyter has been helping entrepreneurs in the maritime, transport and logistics sector to manage their financial risks for more than 100 years.

We have extensive knowledge of the sectors in which our clients operate. We also have a large network at our disposal and know all the ins and outs of all market developments. Ecclesia Sluyter’s specialists understand that each situation is unique and always make sure to provide solutions that help the client move forward. Moving forward with confidence.

Ensuring certainty at sea, even in rough seas

More and more fishing companies are concerned about claims for damage to undersea cables. Especially now that the number of disputes is on the rise, sometimes running into millions. At the same time, your fishing company is experiencing a decline in its quota.

Due to disputes over fishing grounds, the arrival of offshore wind energy projects and changes in laws and regulations. Good insurance conditions, affordable premiums and a manageable excess are therefore more than welcome. We will take care of this. With our fishing policy, among other things. For years now.

Borders do not have to be a barrier

Risk management for trade is about so much more than simply taking out goods transport insurance. Above all, your transport needs to be able to continue. It needs to arrive on time and in excellent condition.

If you know where you want to go, we will get you there safely

These are challenging times for internationally operating logistics companies. Changing international laws and regulations present a challenge to arrange everything in a compliant manner. Since Brexit, waiting times and additional customs procedures make transport to the UK difficult.

Meanwhile, the rise of e-commerce and the growing number of cyber risks make it increasingly important to know who you are doing business with. As a reassurance: at Ecclesia, we can help you manage risks.

Risicomanagement begint voor ons met goed luisteren

Inland navigation runs like a river through our veins

As an inland skipper, you want to focus on what you are good at. We help you to move forward with confidence, by contributing to solutions.

At Ecclesia Sluyter we believe that providing optimum cover at a fair premium is a basic requirement. And after having worked in inland navigation for over 100 years, we know that most skippers are well aware of their risks.

Maintaining oversight of a safe navigation

Maritime transport involves numerous risks that can have an enormous impact. Both in terms of your business continuity, as well as for the environment.

We help you move forward by identifying the risks together. In doing so, you make conscious choices to eliminate, reduce or transfer those risks.