Moving forward with confidence

We believe that a careful and informed implementation of the HR Risk and Employee Benefits Strategy is fundamental to the success of companies and the people who work there. We help both employers and employees calculate and manage risks, prepare them for change and assist them in the choices it entails.

We are a team of 50 specialists, supporting management, HR departments, works councils, mergers & acquisitions specialists as well as employees in the areas of risk management, sustainable employability and pension, care, income and assets.

We assist companies and employees in making conscious choices about work and life, so that they can achieve their wishes and goals. Moving forward with confidence – that’s what we stand for.

How can we help you?

Risk governance and employability

Managing risks allows room to create and seize opportunities. Maintaining a grip on your organisation’s direction and giving care and attention to your greatest asset: your employees. Sustainably employable and satisfied employees are at the heart of any company. Find out how we can help you.

Employee Benefits

Insurable employment conditions are more than empty promises; they are the embodiment of good employment practices. Bringing agreements on work, pension, care and absenteeism into harmony with the goals of the organisation and those of the employees. That is the be-all and end-all. Find out how we can help you.

Financially Fit & Vital

The financial factor is an often underexposed aspect of Sustainable Employability policies. Being agile, resilient and self-assured requires a clear understanding of changes in working life, working differently, working less or stopping work, whether voluntarily or compulsorily. Find out how we can help you.


Together with you, we will devise creative solutions that actually take you further. As a business partner who takes responsibility and contributes a wide range of ideas.

We move forward

By making conscious choices, you can confidently focus on your business. Not by simply taking out insurances on your behalf, but by helping you identify the risks and make the right choices.

With confidence

In this way, we ensure that there is room to realise your ambitions. For you to move in the direction that you want and we want, namely forward!